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A subscription alone tends not to be enough. The after-sales service is just as important. We are at your disposal with help and advice. We can help you over the phone when you are setting up. You can reach us on +41 81 307 22 22. You can also obtain help over the phone when setting up an e-mail service and a website.

On request, we can install your internet and other services on your premises and configure any related devices. We can also help you install security software and hardware. Please call our IT service team on +41 81 307 22 02 or mail@it-services.tv.

Assistance is available on +41 81 307 22 22 or by e-mailing helpdesk@osemziz.ch. For home installations call +41 81 307 22 02. Help via remote maintenance. Click on this icon to start the program.

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