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Premium provider of high-quality internet and data processing centre services

Quickmail – established in 1996 and still managed by its proprietor, the company benefits from state-of-the-art data processing centre capacities and an in-house redundant network infrastructure for optimum availability.

As an experienced data processing centre operator and internet provider, our state-of-the-art solutions and hardware fulfil all the requirements of the market. Based in Zizers, we operate one of Graubünden's most up-to-the-minute data processing centres. Thanks to highly efficient and energy-saving Intel servers, we are making major reductions to our energy consumption and have a good record when it comes to our carbon emissions.

Our services cover all internet access requirements including dial-up, ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, leased line and fibre optic, plus access via wireless networks (AirDSL). Our portfolio additionally includes hosting services encompassing websites, virtual servers, e-mail, hosted exchange and data processing centre solutions (ASP). You can also host specific programs and data of yours on our data network and servers.

High-quality internet and data processing centre services

Our business is closed during holiday season, starting on December 23rd. We will be available again from January 8th.
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